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he's completely insane!

that, and a bit magnificent!

The Doctor


called: The Doctor, Ten, The Oncoming Storm, Sir Doctor of TARDIS, Theta Sigma, Doctor Ten
canon: Doctor Who
species: Time Lord (Gallifreyan)
age: Much older than you.
occupation: Freelancer, Interstellar Interfering Busybody, hermit with friends.

If ever you look up at the sky at night, into the velvety expanses speckled with twinkling stars, think of him. You don't know his name. It's likely that you never will. He runs in the stardust, he dances in the lonely places, always running and never looking back. His home is the universe, and every world in the sky sings a song for him -- even if they don't ever realize it.

He's day and night, fire and ice, rage and joy. He's forever and never, a healer and a destroyer, a hero and a villain. Know who he is, if one day you meet him, this wanderer, this fleeting man -- he's called the Doctor.

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This journal is used solely for creative writing purposes, and I lay no claim to the Doctor or Doctor Who; both belong to the BBC and some really cool guys with nice hats across the pond. This journal may contain spoilers. The author is your friendly neighbourhood aishlin. :)

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Doctor Who and Ten belong to the BBC, not me. Typist is aishlin. I'm just a teenage McDonald's employee with an overactive imagination; don't sue!

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