The Doctor (not_from_mars) wrote,
The Doctor

ic/ooc: merry non-denominational winter holiday

So! Forthcoming is my favourite day of the (Earth) year - apart from Saturday in any shape or form (99% 98% of the time) - : Christmas! Now, I know I'm due for iminent madness and Cybermen and Ripley Holden things, but the rest of the universe (or universes, as the case may be) can't all be having the same amount of fun angst madness Christmas as I am. So! Right. Long story short: from my mun and me to you, we wish you a very merry and hopefully Cyberman-less Christmas. May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white. Unless you're in coastal Nova Scotia, in which case they're soggy and a sort of dull grey and... sort of disgusting and slushy-brownish near the motorway. I just can't end this on a poignant note, can I?

Yes, anyway. Merry Christmas.

((ooc: Merry Christmas, guys, and a happy new year. :) ))
Tags: meta, verse: all verses
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